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A style of popular dance music of Caribbean origin that incorporates dancehall, hip-hop, and various Caribbean musical elements, featuring lyrics that are rapped or sung in Spanish.

[American Spanish reggaetón, reguetón : English reggae + Spanish -tón, n. suffix.]


(Pop Music) a type of Puerto Rican popular music that combines reggae rhythms with hip-hop influences and includes rapping in Spanish
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The percussionist drops the dembow beat, reggaeton's defining drum pattern of steady kicks and staggered snares, and Balvin begins to sing: Si tu quieres reggaeton dale/ Sigue bailando mami no pare-If you want reggaeton, go ahead/ Keep dancing, mami, don't stop.
There, in the '90s, it blended with hip-hop to become reggaeton, as it's known today, with its dembow beat and rapped vocals.
2003); Wayne Marshall, Dem Bow, Dembow, Dembo: Translation and Transnation in Reggaeton, 53 Lied und Populare Kultur/Song and Popular Culture 131, 131 (2008) [hereinafter Dem Bow, Dembow, Dembo].
Para el momento de su muerte, Abraham tenia veinticuatro anos, habia hecho varios cursos de cocina, tenia tres hijos pequenos--con dos mujeres distintas con las que no habia llegado a convivir--y estaba incursionando en la musica con un proyecto de reggaeton y dembow con el que habia sacado dos discos y habia llegado a tocar con el Lapiz Conciente, conocido por ser el padre del rap dominicano.
Katharyn Dembow made 58 saves for the visitors from Vermont.
Photographer, Rick Dembow Begins Trial and Lawsuit Against City of New
Part I consists of Marshall's overarching explanation of the shifting and circular nature of reggeaton's early development in the 1990s and early 2000s by comparing its rhythmic structures to those of Jamaican dancehall reggae and hip hop; tracing the localizations of reggae in Panama and Puerto Rico, focusing on reggae's hybridizations with rap and the resulting music's re-significations as musica negra, melaza, underground, and dembow in Puerto Rico; and analyzing the music's aesthetic shift toward latinidad made by early innovators such as DJ Playero, DJ Nelson, DJ Joe, DJ Blass, and eventually the duo Luny Tunes, which accompanied the coining of the label "reggaeton Latino.
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Musica Urbana: Includes Latin hip-hop, Reggaeton and Dembow music with hits from Daddy Yankee, Wisin & Yandel, Jowell & Randy, Calle 13 and more.
It's currently enjoying a moment with Dominican dembow artists, who sample it heavily, although 1 first heard this track via various different bubbling remixes that sampled it.
Tellingly, the dembow riddim most likely reached Puerto Rico via reggae mixtapes from New York and Panamanian reggae en espanol tracks, again illustrating the central role of diasporic contact zones in reggaeton's history.
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