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A rich, reduced brown sauce usually seasoned with wine and used as a base for other sauces.

[French : demi-, demi- (from demi, half, from Old French; see demi-) + glace, glaze, heavily reduced sauce (from Old French, ice; see glacier).]
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The meat, a fat marbled Australian Wagyu Striploin was served with tiny croutons that had been fried in wagyu fat, and demi-glace that had been finished with balsamic vinegar.
Pan-fried dishes include fillet sea bass with lemon and tomato sauce, Julienne beef served with mushroom, creamy demi-glace sauce and gherkin and chicken served with fajita and Cajun spices with sour cream and mustard.
The selection of custom designed products available from JMH Premium[R] include beverages, desserts, dressings, spice blends, sauces and stocks, and demi-glace and gravy concentrates.
Pour sauce back into pot and add demi-glace and 1 1/4 cups water.
With an ever-changing menu, sample lunch fare includes such items as penne pasta with garlic Alfredo sauce, shrimp scampi, beef sirloin with demi-glace, Portobello mushrooms with barley, soft shell crab with lemon butter and Ahi and yellowtail sashimi.
Birch syrup, for example, has a savory and almost spicy flavor, well-suited for use as a demi-glace over wild game or for a salad dressing.
Sincioco infuses the melted cacao into the ostrich steak sauce and thickens the demi-glace.
Vitello Con Le Erbe E Vino Rosso Spagnole Veal strip loin steak with herbs and demi-glace sauce.
Or for $49, enjoy a pan-seared veal lollipop chop, served with rainbow Swiss chard, root vegetables and a demi-glace.
Licensed individuals can procure booze from elsewhere, but since the rest of the North Slope Borough bans it outright, bear ossobuco in wine demi-glace is a cherished rarity.
Few kitchens are without some form of XO sauce; it's very much like the western kitchen's demi-glace stock sauce, and works in much the same way, adding an instant whoomph of deeply savoury flavour, allowing the chef to build sharper, more persuasive flavours on top, whilst retaining that deep umami taste we all crave.
Main course is Black Angus bone-in grilled tenderloin served with baby spinach and garlic mashed potatoes with a Burgundy red wine demi-glace.