de minimis

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de min·i·mis

 (də mĭn′ə-mĭs′)
Of little importance; insignificant.

[From Latin dē minimīs (nōn cūrat lēx), (the law does not concern itself) with trifling matters : , of, about + minimīs, ablative pl. of minimum, smallest (thing), least (thing), neuter of minimus, smallest, least; see minimum.]
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Overall, Consultant shall provide services which encompass aspects of the NPDES program as it pertains to the Federal Clean Water Act, the Porter-Cologne Act, the statewide General Permits relating to Construction, Industrial, DeMinimus and all related regulations, policies, procedures and actions as implemented by the State Water Resources Control Board.
As the federal court in the Northern District of Iowa explained, cases uniformly observe that the deminimus "rule applies only where there are uncertain and indefinite periods of time involved of a few seconds or minutes duration, and where the failure to count such time is due to considerations justified by industrial realities.
There is a refrigerant leak or possibly a deminimus release.
Mr Lewis added: "NFU Cymru feels that the terms semi-improved and semi-natural land have somehow been mixed up and also that currently no deminimus areas is planned under the legislation.
Extractables are approaching the deminimus level and may actually comply with FDA regulations in a few years.
Moreover, the term does not include deminimus incidental soil movement occurring during normal dredging to maintain, deepen or extend navigation channels in navigable waters .