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n.1.A democrat.
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The Democratist Crusade: Intervention, Economic Sanctions, and
US interests, in friendly regimes, appeared to have trumped democratist ideology.
Grant Havers has attempted a defense of Strauss against charges that he is not conservative and that he is a democratist.
What the book does argue is that Strauss and his leading disciples have helped create the mind-set that is today proving very hospitable to democratist notions, whether these notions are promulgated out of conviction or are a cover for ulterior motives.
Churchill and Roosevelt either did not believe in the democratist ideology they professed or did not believe in it enough to stand up for it in Stalin's presence.
But rest easy neocons, Kramer believes we should invade their countries anyway--just without the democratist rhetoric.
As Leon Trotsky believed in advancing world communist revolution, neocons and democratists believe we have some inherent right to intervene in nations that fail to share our views and values.