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1. The common people; the populace.
2. The common people of an ancient Greek state.

[Greek dēmos, district, people; see dā- in Indo-European roots.]


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the people of a nation regarded as a political unit
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) rare the common people; masses
[C19: from Greek: the populace; see deme]


(ˈdi mɒs)

1. the common people of an ancient Greek state.
2. the common people; populace.
[1770–80; < Greek dêmos district, people; compare demo-]


A Greek word denoting common people who held citizenship and therefore had rights.
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En el plano historico, ni siquiera las reformas democraticas de Clistenes--que hicieron al requisito de ciudania dependiente de la membrecia a los demoi y no a las phratriae y las phylai (91)--permitio liberar la politica del sentimiento gentilicio sobre el que se cimentaban sus primeras instituciones.
TABLE 1: Application of the democratic formula to international politics Approach Model Democratic Democratic Scope Principle Traditional Inter National Demoi Symmetrical governmental Association Contemporary (1) Transnational Transnational Inclusion of Demoi representative social positions Contemporary (2) Cosmopolitan Global Demos Universal inclusion Approach Institutional Design Traditional Interstate Multilateralism Contemporary (1) Hybrid Networks (with state and non-state actors) Contemporary (2) World Federation Adapted from Marchetti, op.
Mucho tuvo que ver la division administrativa de la Polis en demoi que agrupaba a ciudadanos sin mas afinidad que la participacion en la vida publica, sin otro valor o criterio que pudiese nublar la busqueda de interes comun frente a interes concreto y especifico que cada uno de los ciudadanos dejaba de puertas hacia dentro.
17) The literature is enormous, but see especially: on transnational deliberative democracy, James Bohman, Democracy across Borders: From Demos to Demoi (Cambridge, Mass.
These groups do not constitute viable demoi that delineate popular sovereignty.
82) Those who advocate the construction of a European demos seem to disregard the fact that in Europe "there are multiple demoi but they tend to be overlooked and so either excluded from official integration processes or overlooked in them and subordinated to elite-driven and assimilative procedures.
3]--together with recent food- and supplement-intake data, I questionnaire data about physical activity, sunI protection behavior and I skin type, and demoI graphic information related to race/ethnicity, season, latitude, and age--provide valuable information about the sources of vitamin D for those in the noninstitutionalized civilian US population.
So the question could be less if we will observe such a global transformation of the public sphere but more what we can expect from it: A discussion forum and the exertion of political pressure from voters, peoples, and demoi to democratic officers and members of democratically legitimized institutions?
Bohman says that democracies with deep commitments to human rights have special obligations to humanity: democratic legitimacy across demoi cannot be achieved simply by the act of writing and ratifying a constitution, and a democratic constitution for Europe will create a basis for legitimate democratic reform that is currently lacking in the EU.
Clearly Ranciere does not use such exalted vocabulary but the main elements of his own ideas on the ever-changing reconfigurations of the political field by the irruptions of different kinds of demoi share both the structure of aberration and the mode of the promise with Butler's reading.
The maximally deep boundary separates two distinct demoi.
79 with the rather puzzling comment that its "interpretation remains uncertain"): the poet says he is worthy of being rewarded for "showing how the (allies') demoi are democratized.