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But many buildings from the 70s to the 80s, basically those over 40 years old, are also under demolishment.
Atteya continued that the turmoil causing hundreds of thousands of casualties and the demolishment of infrastructure started as demonstrations by civilians who demanded political, economic, and social reforms; resulting in the government taking the necessary measures to achieve those calls.
1)" The target set for demolishment is the American Dream, with an exploration of these films' unique capacity for disrupting normative American paradigms.
Tenders are invited for Construction of installation and termination of conduit, fiber, & copper for replacement due to college station road bridge demolishment and copper voice cabling between existing infrastructure locations on either side.
More than 750 girls were forced to study under the open sky due to demolishment of the school building.
The subsequent closure and demolishment of the factory is represented by a single image and was captured by a local resident.
As former housing minister, Mehleb made some controversial decisions, including providing approval for the demolishment of old villas in Alexandria, seen by some as cultural landmarks.
Roles and mutual relations change by working with BIM, every party stays involved until the demolishment of the building.
Demolishment of the old paddling pools will be followed by site clearance and landscaping, before play features are installed along with the water feature.
Despite the evidence presented before him, revealing the many injustices done to the villagers -- from the expropriation and dispossession of their lands, to the refusal by the state to recognize the status of the village in its new location - Judge Sohlberg did not agree to hear the case before allowing the demolishment the village and setting the fate of its inhabitants.
This simultaneous creation and demolishment of enchantment creates a deep psychological impact: Tolkien reinstates enchantment to broaden and deepen feelings of wonder and relatedness in the reader, while in the same moment he puts enchantment at risk for loss.
Students due to start a course after the demolishment will be spread over other accommodation blocks across the city, the university said.