n.1.See Demonstrator.
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A man was killed in clashes between police and mourners at a funeral for a demonstrater who was killed at an earlier anti-government rally.
One demonstrater said: "Our leader is dead but his ideas live on.
Worthington, a member of Berkeley's City Council, joined several hundred demonstraters for a rally on the steps of Old City Hall.
Demonstraters carried signs saying "Not Fit For Office", "No More Excuses" and "Walker Must Go".
VAR of Muslim demonstraters being dragged by the security forces and attacked by local residents
File photo of police beating demonstraters during protests in the capital Khartoum last year
including four seriously in confrontations between anti-regime demonstraters
Hundreds of demonstraters have gone to the streets in Sulaimaniya city on Thursday, demanding the improvement of the service and living standards, fighting corruption and carrying out political reforms, where at least one person was killed and over 50 persons have been injured, according to official figures, following shooting that took place in front of the headquarters of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in the city, where the demonstraters gathered.
The top general for Cairo told protesters in the square that "all their demands" would be satisfied, and the demonstraters lifted him on their shoulders, believing that meant Mr Mubarak's resignation.
Demonstraters were planning another major protest for Friday, a day often used for protest in Egypt, and the Muslim Brotherhood - the country's technically banned but largest opposition movement - said on Thursday for the first time that it would participate.