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 (dĕmp′sē), William Harrison Known as "Jack." 1895-1983.
American prizefighter who won the world heavyweight title in 1919 but lost it to Gene Tunney in 1926.


(Biography) Jack. real name William Harrison Dempsey. 1895–1983, US boxer; world heavyweight champion (1919–26)


(ˈdɛmp si)

Jack (William Harrison Dempsey), 1895–1983, U.S. boxer: world heavyweight champion 1919–26.
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Noun1.Dempsey - United States prizefighter who was world heavyweight champion (1895-1983)Dempsey - United States prizefighter who was world heavyweight champion (1895-1983)
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He danced like a faun; he introduced manner and style and atmosphere; his words came trippingly upon his tongue, and--he waltzed twice in succession with the paper- box girl that Dempsey Donovan brought.
The Cap'n 'd like to see ye a few minutes round to the office whin ye have time, Dempsey, me boy.
But there would be sundry gentlemen there with large gold fob chains and black cigars; and somebody would tell a funny story, and then Dempsey would go back and work half an hour with the sixpound dumbbells.
Dempsey intercepted him in the middle of the floor.
Dempsey had, perhaps, ten pounds of weight to give away.
As a rule," went on Dempsey, huskily sweet, "O'Sullivans in this district know one another.
So easily and smoothly had Dempsey and the board done their preliminary work that many in the hall had not noticed the checking of the fascinating O'Sullivan's social triumph.
It gave way, and in the instant that she entered her eye caught the scene--the Board standing about with open watches; Dempsey Donovan in his shirt sleeves dancing, light-footed, with the wary grace of the modern pugilist, within easy reach of his adversary; Terry O'Sullivan standing with arms folded and a murderous look in his dark eyes.
In his May 2011, interview with National Defense Magazine, Dempsey was asked what military weapons systems "might be on the chopping block" and he responded "it's too early to say.
THOUGH HE BEAT Jack Dempsey decisively the two times they met in the ring, was undefeated as a heavyweight, and retired as heavyweight champion, Gene Tunney is often forgotten when today's era of fight fans or others discuss the greatest heavyweights.
Jill Dempsey is a successful business founder and investor who has experienced her fair share of the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.
TRAINER Jim Goldie yesterday expressed his relief at being cleared of breaching the non-trier rule after a disciplinary hearing at which the panel questioned the reliability of evidence given by stipendiary steward Alan Dempsey.