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Noun1.Dendrocalamus - giant clump-forming bamboos
liliopsid genus, monocot genus - genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
Dendrocalamus giganteus, giant bamboo, kyo-chiku - immense tropical southeast Asian bamboo with tough hollow culms that resemble tree trunks
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In this study, the microstructure of Dendrocalamus asper was characterized by Digital Image Analysis.
On undersides of mature leaves of bamboos (especially Arundinaria and Phyllostachys, but sometimes also Bambusa, Dendrocalamus, Pseudosasa and Sasa).
latifolia 14 Babul Acacia nilotica 15 Hiwar Acacia leucophloea 16 Nilgiri Eucalyaptus globosa 17 Bamboo Dendrocalamus strictus.
2006) who found that in Sri Lanka, Ochlandra stridula, which flowers annually, had a significantly higher genetic diversity compared to Dendrocalamus giganteus, which seldom flowers.
Clump-forming bamboos growing in tight clumps such as Bambusa, Chusquea, Dendrocalamus, Drepanostachyum, Fargesia, Himalayacalamus, Schizostachyum, Shibataea and Thamnocalamus are less invasive and best for garden cultivation.
In the late 1990s Australian bamboo growers planted commercial areas of Dendrocalmus asper, Bambusa oldhamii, Dendrocalamus latiflorus and a couple of other species for shoots,' he says.
The bamboo stumps were surveyed at random for the presence of aquatic organism in selected groves of Dendrocalamus hamiltoni between August and September 2006.
K Naik (2005) characterized seven species of bamboos: Bambusa Balcooa, Bambusa Bambos, Bambusa Nutans, Bambusa Tulda, Dendrocalamus Giganteus, Dendrocalamus Strictus, and Melocanna Bambusoides.
Phyllostachys pubesecens and various species form the Arundinaria, Bambusa and Dendrocalamus of the Family Gramineae.
red Himalayan bamboo, Thamnocalamus spathiflorus or tufted bamboo, Dendrocalamus hamiltoni
Phoenix eventually decided on Dendrocalamus asper, a bamboo variety native to southern China, and enlisted the Thai government to help carry out its plan, According to Karl Bareis, coordinator of the International Bamboo Association, over 100,000 acres of Royal Forest were cleared to make room for the bamboo plantations.