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(Latvian ˈdaʊɡafˌpils)
(Placename) a city in SE Latvia on the Western Dvina River: founded in 1274 by Teutonic Knights; ruled by Poland (1559–1772) and Russia (1772–1915); retaken by the Russians in 1940. Pop: 112 609 (2002 est). German name (until 1893): Dünaburg Former Russian name (1893–1920): Dvinsk


(ˈdaʊ gɑfˌpils)

a city in SE Latvia, on the Dvina. 128,200. Russian, Dvinsk.
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Noun1.Daugavpils - a city of southeastern Latvia
Latvia, Republic of Latvia - a republic in northeastern Europe on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea
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Reviewed by Margarita Denenburg, Heidelberg University
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Margarita Denenburg, DMA, is an assistant professor of piano at Heidelberg University.