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n.1.A disengaging, or removal, of nitric acid.
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MHPS completed the delivery of an advanced flue gas denitration facility for Units 1 and 2 of the plant in 2016.
Since last year, has invested 320 million yuan desulfurization and denitration ultra-clean dust removal system transformation underway now," Environmental Protection Ministry of Tianjin Petrochemical Security Vice Minister Liu Zhong River said.
According to the contract, NF Energy will provide and install boiler denitration, dust removal and desulfurization systems two sets of equipment at the project for sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions reduction and dust removal.
Protein tyrosine nitration: Selectivity, physicochemical and biological consequences, denitration, and proteomics methods for the identification of tyrosine-nitrated proteins.
All recent work is in agreement as regards a single NG denitration pathway under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions in which NG is used as a nitrogen source.
The technological improvement on denitration for coal-fired power companies hasbecome the top priority in the NOx emission reduction.
Fluorodinitromethane is prepared by electrochemical denitration of fluorodinitromethane.
Investigation of nitrogen behavior in melting of steel in electric furnaces and electroslag remelting showed that denitration and nitration are possible, depending upon created conditions of melting [5, 6].
Desulfurization and denitration of light oil by extraction // US 5 393 572.
The first component involved the denitration of uranyl nitrate hexahydrate to uranium trioxide.
Biological denitration of propylene glycol dinitrate by Bacillus sp.