v. t.1.To make a denizen; to confer the rights of citizenship upon; to naturalize.
There was a private act made for denizing the children of Richard Hills.
- Strype.
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Jessica Rivers was a back-seat passenger in a car being driven by Denize Okutan when it collided with another car on the A477 in Carmarthenshire in March 2013.
A few doors down, a funeral was beginning for Denize Angweta, a 10-month-old baby who had just died of malaria.
Cardiff graduate Emma, 22, died when the car being driven by her friend Denize Okutan collided with another car in Carmarthenshire.
Safees was founded by Johanna Denize who is originally from Sweden and who grew up always wearing a reflector.
In MEDOLA, Ana Silvia Lopes; ARAUJO, Denize Correa; BRUNO, Fernanda (Orgs.
The 19-year-old is attracting the spotlight for a very different reason to mum Denize Hewitt, who's been involved in kiss and tells in the past.
He also leaves a son Colin, daughters Christine, Karen and Angela, and step-daughters Louise and Denize.
commitment, is characterized by a disincentive to replace relationship partners (Young, Denize 1995).
Ne yapalim, denize dusen yilana sarilir, size getirdik .
Denize Hewitt says she spends around EUR4,000 a week but never lives above her means - even though she is actually still living with her mammy.