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1. The shelter or retreat of a wild animal; a lair.
2. A cave or hollow used as a refuge or hiding place.
3. A hidden or squalid dwelling place: a den of thieves.
4. A secluded room for study or relaxation.
5. A unit of about eight to ten Cub Scouts.
intr.v. denned, den·ning, dens
To inhabit or hide in a den.

[Middle English, from Old English denn.]


(Biography) Baron Alfred Thompson. 1899–1999, English judge; Master of the Rolls 1962-82
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Denning, our greatest authority on meteor- ites, stated that the height of its first appearance was about ninety or one hundred miles.
But ANWR is one of only two principal polar bear denning areas in North America, and activists say the shrinking status of the continent's other major population of white bears--on western Hudson Bay, near Churchill, Manitoba--is a compelling reason to keep hands off Alaska.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2(R), the non-profit international leader in educating, qualifying and certifying information security professionals worldwide and celebrating the Year of the Information Security Professional, today announced information security pioneer Dorothy Denning, Ph.
Indeed, the algorithm behaves "like a high-quality random-number generator," says Denning.
Kyle Denning named Chief Technologist and General Manager of New Utah Technology Center
Humming along at 50 to 80 percent of its summer energy expenditure, the metabolic factory inside a denning bear apparently operates li ke that of no other mammal.
Denning has joined the Company as Vice President and General Counsel.