Dephlogisticated air

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oxygen gas; - so called by Dr. Priestly and others of his time.

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Lichtenberg, whose lectures were attended by Novalis, drew support from English pneumatic medicine to argue that the body is surrounded by an atmospheric zone of metabolic exchange, an environing aura in which "pure, dephlogisticated air is transformed in much same manner as by in- and exhalation" (1974, 265)--a theory, he added, that, like French revolutionary politics, promised the imminent return of Paradise.
He recommended the blowing of air into the lungs of drowned persons, noted the potential problem of time delay in instituting artificial respiration, and suggested, "Perhaps the dephlogisticated air (oxygen) described by Dr Priestly (in 1774) may prove more efficacious than common air.
He called this gas dephlogisticated air, on the theory that since it promoted combustion so well (readily receiving the phlogiston given off by the burning material), it must have very little phlogiston naturally contained in it.