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That the Church teaches infallibly concerning contraception (and all faith and moral issues) is also confirmed by the following affirmation made in 1998 by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger: "[Wjhen there has not been a judgment on a doctrine in the solemn form of a definition, but this doctrine, belonging to the inheritance of the depositum fidei, is taught by the ordinary and universal magisterium, which necessarily includes the pope, such a doctrine is to be understood as having been set forth infallibly.
Here Dossetti proposed that a distinction be drawn between three types of ecclesiastical culture: that of the manual tradition, that of controversial essays, and that of the church's sources capable of those prophetic leaps--the same sapientia exemplata he wrote on in 1954 and had recognized in Roncalli's images of the book and the chalice as sacramental icons of the depositum fidei.
The Church, as the depositum of revelation and the spiritual authority for mankind, should therefore be united with the state to secure the redemption and well-being of mankind.
In other words, the peer-to-peer logic is based on the fact that I do not receive something in its entirety from a single source, a depositum.
Daher erschliesst die SBB ebenfalls Musikhandschriften mit eigenen wissenschaftlichen Kraften und sie wirbt Drittmittel-Projekte ein: im Januar 2011 wurde die Erschliessung des Musikarchivs der Sing-Akademie zu Berlin beendet, eines Bestands den die SBB als Depositum verwahrt und dessen wissenschaftliche Katalogisierung uber knapp sechs Jahre mit Mitteln der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft gefordert worden ist.
In this case they [the money changers] acquired no Property in the Money: but they held it subject to the directions of the depositor--the Money itself was termed a Depositum.
Two subsequent chapters (3 and 4) deal respectively and extensively with "men of feeling" and "women in love," teasing out the gendered differences in the early Methodist experience of life and piety--involving at one level the way men and women related differently to Methodism's "grand depositum," Christian perfection.
29) As we have seen, the texts of Vatican II fully endorse this view, which belongs to the uncontested depositum of current Catholic teaching.
admonition Depositum custodi, "guard what has been entrusted to
This depositum fidei--for we really are talking here about a religious hallucination, impervious to reasoning--can be summarised, with only slight parodistic elements, as follows:
Dominus Leonardus Buonafe, hospitalarius hospitalis Sancte Marie Nove de Florentia, confessus fuit habuisse et havere penes se in depositum a Francisco de Ieronimis er Raphaelle eius filio, sub nomine capituli cathedralis ecclesie florentine, florenos sexcentos auri largos in auro.