deputy minister

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deputy minister

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (in Canada) the senior civil servant in a government department

dep′uty min′ister

Canadian. a top-ranking civil servant in a government department.
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The Deputy Minister informed about the existing situation and emphasized the effectiveness of the steps taken by Ukraine to resolve it.
Bemah as Deputy Minister for Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Mr.
At the meeting, the Deputy Minister expressed an interest to sustain bilateral trade and economic cooperation.
Ranjan Ramanayake, Deputy Minister was given the additional post of Kandurata Development Deputy Minister
The new interim government, which, under the Przino Agreement, will include two ministers and three additional deputy ministers nominated by SDSM, is expected to pass Parliament Friday, reports Sloboden pecat.
The Deputy Minister warmly received the Advisor and his delegation and
In comparison, Machar in dividing his faction's 10 ministerial posts reportedly appointed three Nuer politicians as national ministers plus one deputy minister.
The Deputy Minister said: "New lifeblood and fresh ideas are essential for Welsh agriculture to meet the challenges of an everchanging industry.
The Deputy Minister was at the Welsh Government's Cathays Park offices in Cardiff to meet more than 20 young people taking their first steps in a civil service career.
The Government must clarify what the Deputy Minister meant by these statements and explain what plans it has for the future of funding to the arts in Wales.
The prices for certain products will grow by 15-20% upon entry of Kyrgyzstan into the Customs Union, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Erkinbek Choduyev said at a round table discussion in Bishkek.
Deputy Minister Hovakimyan congratulated Christophe Birvirt on appointment, the Foreign Ministry of Armenia told ArmInfo.

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