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(Russian dɪrˈbjɛnt)
(Placename) a port in S Russia, in the Dagestan Republic on the Caspian Sea: founded by the Persians in the 6th century. Pop: 106 000 (2005 est)



a seaport in SE Dagestan in the SW Russian Federation, on the Caspian Sea. 69,000.
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Request for proposal: Request For Proposals For The Right To Enter Into A Civil Contract On: Repairs Of Pavements South Side Of Pushkin Street In Derbent.
According to an alternate reading, "Africa" is to be read as Phrygia, which would take us in the direction of Derbent, where Alexander's barrier (i.
Alan Roberts, who as an Amlwch schoolboy grew up knowing his local coastline was dotted with shipwrecks, used the data to create a 3D image of the doomed WWI vessel, the HSS Derbent.
About 320 homes in the Caspian Sea coastal city of Derbent close to the Caucasus Mountains were flooded and seven bodies were found, Reuters reported.
The flooding in the ancient Caspian Sea city of Derbent affected hundreds of homes with 1,120 people in the affected area, the regional branch of the Emergencies Ministry said in a statement.
In 1722 Peter the Great began his Persian campaign along the Caspian coast, occupying Derbent and Baku.
Greek teacher Harikliya Nikopulu, assigned in Turkish Buyuk Derbent (Megalo Derio) primary school of Evros province, claimed that the news report which appeared in minority newspapers that he wanted the students to "draw the picture of God" was groundless and sued the newspapers "Millet", "Gundem" and "Birlik" claiming one million euro compensation from each of them.
The train was on the way to the station of Derbent.
The policemen died, together with six of the fighters, in an exchange of gunfire outside a house near the city of Derbent on the Caspian Sea.
Osman doneminde ginnis ve Dagistan'in Islam'la tanitan ilk sehri Derbent ol mustur.