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The low germination as well as the fragility of the seeds without tegument, is due to the damage caused to membrane system as a function of direct impact of the water devoid of the seed tegument, which led to the extravasation of the cell electrolyte, resulting in irreversible damage of the seeds (MARCOS FILHO, 2005; DERRE et al.
In this book, editor Peter DErre has collected contributions from several experts in the fields of biology, biochemistry, chemistry, and chemical engineering on the subject of system biology approaches to clostridia and the prediction of the metabolism and its changes in Clostridium acetobutylicum.
Sastre-Garau X, Couturier J, Derre J, Aurias A, Klijanienko J, Lagace R.
Nous nous inspirons surtout ici des travaux de Jean-Rene DERRE, Lamennais, ses amis et le mouvement des idees a l'epoque romantique, 1824-1834, Paris, Librairie C.
Five minutes after the restart Derre Kwee cut the ball over from the left and Tim Holscher smashed a volley from eight yards through Reguero's grasp.
DLA Piper worked alongside Daniel von Wild and Philipp Visotschnig, respectively General Counsel and Head of Business Transformation at PFW Aerospace GmbH, and Clarisse Derre and Mark Landmann, respectively Legal Counsel and Vice-President at the M&A Department at EADS France.
You might have sold 11 million books worldwide, but you're also the lead singer of the rock band Di Derre.
Jean-Christophe Derre, Galitt Canada's General Manager, combines sophisticated technical skills and know-how with a strong business-oriented approach.
Di Derre became an unlikely pop success, scoring several hits on the European charts.
I then moved to Oslo, studied economics, became a stockbroker and started writing songs, forming the band Di Derre, which became big in Norway.