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1. the action of descending; descent
2. astronomy the setting (descent below the horizon) of a celestial body
3. astronomy the section of the sky which descends below the horizon along with a given celestial body


(dɪˈsɛn ʃən)

1. (in astrology) the part of the zodiac in which the influence of a planet is weakest. Compare exaltation (def. 4).
2. descent.
[1350–1400; Middle English descensioun < Old French descension < Latin dēscēnsiō=dēscend(ere) to descend + -tiō -tion]
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I think that the Irish have played such a huge part in music all over the world via migration and descension.
nd] volume, entitled The Afterman: Descension just landed at #9 on the chart this past February to rave reviews among fans and critics alike.
Although hypospadias, the birth defect that involves an abnormally-placed urinary opening, and cryptorchidism, the lack of descension of one or both testes in the scrotal sac, are associated with a risk of developing testicular germ cell cancer, it was unclear whether all three were inheritable.
My good sir: I have the pleasure of telling you that with one eye I followed the depths of your vision while with the other eye I observed you during the entire period of your ascension and descension.
1503; Masses for Purification, Annunciation, Visitation, De nivibus, Assumption, Nativity BMV, Conception, Descension, All Saints