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a river flowing N from the Cascade Range in central Oregon to the Columbia River. 250 mi. (400 km) long.
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The Prineville District Bureau of Land Management (BLM) partnered with local residents and Deschutes County to develop an emergency exit route while maintaining recreational opportunities and supporting conservation as part of the agencys multiple-use mission.
That's what you would have seen if you stood in Oregon's Deschutes National Forest in the early-2000s.
com)-- Vicinity Manufacturing is pleased to announce that Deschutes Brewing has selected the Vicinity software solution for craft brewing to address their specific ERP software needs.
On-Point opened three branches in Deschutes County in 2010 to serve members who live and vacation in the area and to offer financial services to new members.
PICTURE THIS SCENE: A MEADOW OF WILDFLOWERS UNDER A big blue sky with groves of Ponderosa pines and Mount Bachelor or the Deschutes River in the background.
Presented by Deschutes Brewery and Broken Top Golf Club, the Sagebrush Classic is held as a benefit for the Deschutes Children's Foundation, which supports services for children and families in central Oregon.
Perched on the banks of the Deschutes River in a broad meadow carved out of the Deschutes National Forest, and offering breathtaking views of Mount Bachelor, Sunriver offers more fresh-air activities than a CEO can tackle during a week's stay.
Ash flows some 6 million years ago left a thin layer of hard rock, or tuff, on a base of softer rock; centuries of assault by wind and rain left chunks of the harder rock intact but eroded most of the softer rock below "What I think is so cool about this," explains Deschutes National Forest geologist Larry Chitwood, "is that after the capstone falls off and crashes down on the slope below, it lies there and the whole process begins again.
Under an endless blue sky, desert sand anchored by pale-olive juniper and sage gives way to vivid greenery and the flowing blue Deschutes.
For seven weeks that began last month, the Deschutes National Forest again is both home and workplace to 90 minimum-custody Oregon inmates.
Deschutes County's effort to overcome dependence on the timber industry through diversification is netting impressive results.
Let's meet: The Sierra Pacific Flyfishers feature Deschutes River guide, Rodger Carborne, as their guest speaker today at Encino Glen, 16821 Burbank Blvd.