n.1.Work done at a desk, as by a clerk or writer.
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After eight tedious years of deskwork, Roy threw in the towel and moved to a farm in Connecticut, returning to a rural life of fishing and hunting.
People freed from simple deskwork will have greater opportunities for consumption activities during their free time.
President al-Assad said that it's important for the Party's leaderships to encourage the spirit of initiative in Party members in all fields, not just in party work, which must be conducted on the ground and be in touch with the people rather than being limited to deskwork or paperwork, adding that it's not enough for officials to conduct field tours, as there must be clear work mechanisms linked to these tours and their effectiveness.
And more often than not, rural real estate valuation requires a lot of legwork and deskwork.
Answering FERC's questions will likely be mostly deskwork.
It was a filling way to destress from backbreaking deskwork.
At eighteen, Queen Victoria became "a compound of duty, deskwork and exaltation"; then she became monarch and both mother and matriarch (31).
96 kcal/min General model was developed using all activity data while each of the 4 activity-specific models were developed using resting, deskwork, wheelchair propulsion, and arm ergometry data Tanhoffer Energy cost (EE) No et al.
The space will also include a walk-in customer receiving area equipped with a deskwork stations.
The following types of applications will be included: deskwork applications, database applications, database management, networking and communication systems, applications for assisting activities of the firm.
Both models in the LIFEBOOK T series allow the display to be rotated 180 degrees in either direction and come standard with a stylus so that they be used as a notebook computer for regular deskwork or as a tablet for presentations, making them adaptable to different scenarios in and out of the office.
He often makes loud noises during class when he fails to get what he wants, he walks around the classroom when he has to do deskwork and he easily gets angry.