desmopressin acetate

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des·mo·pres·sin acetate

A synthetic analog of vasopressin used therapeutically as an antidiuretic and in the management of bleeding in individuals with some forms of hemophilia and von Willebrand disease.

[des(a)m(in)o-, lacking an amine group (des-, variant of de- + amino-) + (vaso)pressin.]
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g Pharmaceuticals produces Desmospray, which fights the dehydration associated with diabetes; Lazanda is a nasally administered opiate from Archimedes Pharma used for pain management; and Novartis delivers Syntocinon, which addresses several conditions associated with pregnancy.
Brand names for desmopressin include DDAVP, Desmotabs, Desmospray and Nocutil.
She was then given further medical help in the form of a Desmospray to take every night.