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McCarthy was highly respected in the Dubai community as her leadership took DESS to be the first school of choice for many parents, including from the emirate's leading families and a wide range of expatriates, basing her skills on the motto "Manners Mayketh Man".
Her classmates from Year 5 at DESS, Alia and Jafar, also spoke about their experiences.
Less than 20 companies will participate initially in the DESS Consortium, an official said, who did not reveal their names.
That is more than enough bandwidth to deliver DESS, traditional cable television (CATV), Internet access, local off-air UHF/VHF television (Satellite Master Antenna Television or SMATV) and security services.
The pilots were invited by the parents and we were happy to welcome them because having such role models come to the school to inspire the children is important," said David Hammond, Headmaster at DESS.
This is for the "tattooed dad" who, while dropping off his kids at DESS on Wednesday morning, not only drove recklessly in an area full of young children and parents crossing the road to get to school, but then proceeded to park his SUV on the PAVEMENT near the school gate.
DESS hasn't released sales figures, but the company said they've exceeded expectations.