a.1.Determined by destiny; fated.
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Au lyrisme des formes, s'ajoute un rythme graphique consequent, celui d'une partition, ponctuant ainsi le rendu destinal, celui escompte certainement par l'artiste avant et apres la realisation.
of a pounds 100million s the Stobart created at the easyJet as it nine destinal Around 500 jobs will be created at the airport, including 150 by easyJet as it prepares to begin flying to nine destinations from April 2.
What is at issue there is precisely the extent to which Heidegger's teachings either advocated a mytho-poetic constructivism -- particularly around the time that he advocated an ur-Nazism -- or disavowed all human agency -- particularly his later work in relation to the destinal history of the concealment of Being.
The article introduces the concept of phasing to account for the multiple structure of both fairytale and epic, distinguishes it from the much-abused concept of repetition, defines some of its functions, traces it to a synecdoc hic conception of the world, and relates it to destinal notions in the poem.
The point has bearing on the issue of whether destinal forces play a significant role in the poem.