n.1.The act of desynonymizing.
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Famously, this philosophical activity within the linguistic network "from within one must work, think and act" is for Coleridge the activity of desynonymization, a clarification and delimitation of the meaning of words, which should lead to greater clarity of thought and ultimately to a clearer basis for human action and interaction.
9) One of the main tasks undertaken by the eighteenth-century theorists was the desynonymization of these terms, the attempt to justify the existence of the picturesque as a separate category between the opposites of the sublime and the beautiful.
As his concluding reference to the Book of Judges suggests, Wordsworth was here drawing on a counterplot within contemporary discussions of tautology, which developed out of the analysis of oral and biblical verse and defended the repetition of the same word as a means of desynonymization and differentiation.