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An organism, such as a bacterium, fungus, or insect, that feeds on dead plant or animal matter.

[German Detritivor : Latin dētrītus, something worn away, detritus (from past participle of dēterere, to lessen, wear away; see detriment) + Latin -vorus, eating, feeding on; see -vorous.]
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Detritivore Curculionidae Metamasius hemipterus Z Herbivore Curculionidae sp.
Herbivore (b) Cichlidae Insetivore (a) Curimatidae Omnivore (a) Curimatidae Detritivore (a) Curimatidae Detritivore (b) Hemiodontidae Plants/detritus (a) Hemiodontidae Planktivore (a) Prochilodontidae Insectivore (a) Prochilodontidae Detritivore (a) (a) Froese and Pauly (2015); (b) Merona and Rankin-de-Merona (2004).
The digestion of protein and carbohydrate by the stream detritivore, Tipula abdominalis (Diptera, Tipulidae).
Compost piles supply resources that are ephemeral, unevenly distributed, and rich in energy; they sustain communities of detritivore microarthropods like mites, where many species experience frequent population peaks in response to fresh inputs (TAYLOR et al.
This species is described as a predatory detritivore with an omnivore diet (Andrade & Baez, 1980), while in its larval stage; the diet is mainly based on phyto and zooplankton.
In which detritivore earthworms interact intensively with microorganisms and other fauna within the decomposer community, accelerating the stabilization of organic matter and greatly modifying its physical and biochemical properties (Dominguez et al.
Efficiency of detritivore soil arthropods in mobilizing nutrients from leaf litter.
In this analytical setting, EFB application clearly boosted the numbers of the soil engineer group over the 2-year study, with the detritivore and herbivore groups being temporarily enhanced during the first 6 months, whereas the predator group was virtually unaffected.
In order to estimate feeding guild assemblages, each specimen was assigned the general feeding guild categories of detritivore, herbivore or predator, based on the feeding habits reported for each taxon.
Individual and joint actions of selenate and methylmercury on the development and survival of insect detritivore Megaselia sclaris (Diptera: Phoridae).