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(ˈdɔɪtʃˌmɑːk) or

Deutsche Mark

(Currencies) the former standard monetary unit of Germany, divided into 100 pfennigs; replaced by the euro in 2002: until 1990 the standard monetary unit of West Germany. Abbreviation: DM
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Noun1.Deutschmark - formerly the basic unit of money in GermanyDeutschmark - formerly the basic unit of money in Germany
German monetary unit - monetary unit in Germany
pfennig - 100 pfennigs formerly equaled 1 Deutsche Mark in Germany


[ˈdɔɪtʃmɑːk] Nmarco m alemán


, Deutsche Mark
n (Hist) → D-Mark f, → Deutsche Mark f
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They are also suspected of involvement in an attack on a prison near Frankfurt in 1993, and stealing 1 million Deutsche marks (now 511,000 euros) from an armoured car in July 1999.
If you take 10 million Deutsche Marks from Frankfurt and you give it to a Spanish, Greek or Italian firm or bank --and that is prior to monetary union--and then suddenly there is a substantial devaluation of the currency of Spain, of Italy or Greece something that was happening at regular intervals prior to monetary union--then you know that the capacity of the creditors to repay the loan shrinks.
Germany thus denies owing anything more to Greece for World War II after the 115 million deutsche marks it paid in 1960, one of 12 war compensation deals it signed with Western nations.
Les societes de Chiboub a recu 3,4 millions d'euros et de 2,1 millions de deutsche marks, d'une valeur totale d'environ 5,8 millions de dollars aux taux de change actuels.
They talked about perhaps selling the hats to the townspeople to bring them a few extra deutsche marks for food, even though hats were not a priority in those times.
With a start-up capital of 6,000 deutsche marks and four employees, the success story started in 1949 with the result of the otto group as the world's largest mail-order group.
The game was sold for 100 Deutsche Marks, with part of the proceeds used to fund the underground group.
4 trillion Deutsche marks ($890 billion), and distribute the profits to the eastern public.
In the years from 1923 to 1931, Berlin paid the Allies 50 billion deutsche marks, or 83 percent of one year's gross domestic product.
That's what they paid for their American experience just nine short years ago and other than some old Lee Iacocca bobblehead dolls they found in a closet in Detroit, they leave with not much to show for all those deutsche marks.
The theorem took on added verve when a German mathematician and physician, Paul Wolfskehl, willed, upon his death in 1907, 100,000 Deutsche marks to the Scientific Society of Gottingen to develop a contest and award this sum to the person who would first prove Fermat's Last Theorem.
The foundation is supposed to distribute 10 billion deutsche marks ($4.

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