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n.1.(Hind. Myth.) A deity; a divine being; a good spirit; an idol.
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Those who know Thyagaraja know only too well that the greatest concerts that he held were when he sat alone in front of his ishta devata (personal God) and sang to please him.
The devata , however, seemed oblivious to everything as she remained contentedly carved in motion.
Ker is considered the guardian deity of Vastu Devata is of the state of Tripura from the Royal Period.
Devata kapitola predklada podrobne vysvetleni jednotlivych modelu, ktere vznikly jako snaha o odstraneni nedostatku neoklasickeho modelu rustu a o zakomponovani dalsich signifikantnich determinant.
This is what Sax (2009: 50) shows, when analyzing possession among the Hindu castes of Central Himalayas by the devata (minor deity) Kachya.
She examines the circulation of the posters for Amman, Iyyapan, and Naga Devata films which were made in one language and then dubbed in other South Indian languages.
The Czech lecturers include Julie Brana, Jan Kvapil, Monika Devata, Ilona Veselovska -recorder classes, Helena Kazarova - baroque dance, and Edita Kegierova - harpsichord.
The Chaturdas Devata (14 Goddess) Temple in Old Agartala, about 8 km from Agartala.
7) The most recent report, by a tourist operator and frequent visitor to Cambodia, Andy Brouwer, describes a missing head from a devata, or small female deity figure, at Banteay Prei, the cut of which was still so clean that it must have been made only a few days or weeks before.
For example, l, 165, 9ab anutta a te maghavan nakir nu / na tvavan asti devata vidanah "Nobody now (has attained) thy acknowledged (power), O liberal one.