Developable surface

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(Math.) a surface described by a moving right line, and such that consecutive positions of the generator intersect each other. Hence, the surface can be developed into a plane.

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In differential geometry (CADDEO; MONTALDO, 2001), (DIMITRIC, 1992), (LOUBEAU; ONICIUC, 2007), (O'NEILL, 1983) that under the assumption of sufficient differentiability, a developable surface is either a plane, conical surface, cylindrical surface or tangent surface of a curve or a composition of these types.
A tangent developable surface is a constant angle surface if and only if the generating curve is a helix.
Let S be an orientable spacelike non - developable surface.
Finally, Chapter 7 is dedicated to various aspects of extrinsic geometry, such as Frenet formulas for curves, ruled and developable surfaces, the shape operator, principal curvatures and curvature lines, etc.
Most of the laser bending done at the institute has involved flat sheets subsequently shaped into developable surfaces such as cylinders or cones.
While developable surfaces have been widely used in engineering, design and manufacture, they have been less popular in computer graphics, despite the fact that their isometric properties make them ideal primitives for texture mapping, some kinds of surface modelling, and computer animation (CARMO, 1976; O'NEIL, 1983; KWON et al.