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Noun1.gestational age - the age of an embryo counting from the time of fertilization
age - how long something has existed; "it was replaced because of its age"
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As well as needing the recommended intakes for his Carbs such as potatoes are essential to a growing teen's development age group of all vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, particular ones to consider for alertness are iron, iodine and zinc for cognitive function, pantothenic acid for normal mental performance and additionally magnesium and vitamins B2, B3, B6 and C, to help reduce tiredness and fatigue.
The 19-month-old should be able to walk and speak a few words by now, but she has the development age of a five-month-old.
The movement in Kuwait was divided into two phases; the pre-oil era with poetry and books being more traditional due to the conservative nature of society, and the development age of Kuwait which saw the country becoming more open to the world.
Rooms are split into The Streams (up to two years), The Rivers (age two-three years), The Bridges (three-five years) There is also a sensory room to encourage babies' development Age range of children: Three months-five years Number of places available: 98 Number of staff: 18 Opening days/times: Monday-Friday 7.
These vitamins are essential in blood formation and mental health, especially for those of children in development age.
The current strategy was described as to "not bring in players from outside of the region for ages 16 and below, with only rare occasions for the higher development age categories to give local players the opportunity to play for their local club.
He has been in our development age groups prior to this season and he had the fortunate opportunity to be with the seniors last time out and he has come in now and has got the opportunity to vie for a place with the under-21s.

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