Devil worship

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worship of the power of evil; - still practiced by barbarians who believe that the good and evil forces of nature are of equal power.
- F. Hardman (Blackw. Mag.).
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On social media people have been speculating about what it all means - with some even suggesting devil worship could be going on
It flourishes in the minds of a phalanx of Christian fundamentalists, political extremists, bereaved parents, opportunists, and mentally unstable individuals who have become self-appointed experts on Satanism, occult crime, and devil worship.
Earlier Christian missionaries often interpreted these religious traditions as a form of idolatry or devil worship without any deep engagement with their sacred texts and philosophical traditions.
Bernard Haigh, secretary of Bolsover Civic Society, finds the idea of his home town being a hotbed of devil worship somewhat hilarious.
Mr Hickman was sentenced for five sex offences and she for indecent assault and for aiding and abetting another man to rape a 14-year-old girl as part of a devil worship ritual.
BLACK magic fear in two border towns" -- that was the screamer headline about dead sheep and devil worship that set one man off on a 40-year hunt for the truth.
Were they really elite groups who engaged in obscene orgies, devil worship, and the ritual murder of servants?
ACOUPLE accused of using devil worship to terrify a schoolgirl who was raped and regularly abused were jailed years later for sexually abusing other children in black magic rituals.
Every day we hear about devil worship, every day we hear about rituals, every day we hear about deviants, every day we hear about the strange spread of acts we in Lebanon see as something unfamiliar, unnatural in our society.
Much of the prosecution's evidence rested on the defendants' love of heavymetal music, which, in deepest Arkansas, is apparently synonymous with devil worship.
In the recent past the Sawy Culturewheel had a complaint filed against them when a metal concert was accused of devil worship, but Sound of Sakia has not experienced any such problems.
And no other Lithuanian music event can rival it for the clergy's curse and accusations of Devil worship The traditional Devilstone open-air extreme-alternative-metal music festival this year will be held on July 12-15 in the traditional location, on the bank of the Sventoji River in Anyksciai region.