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The woods, the rivers, the lawns of Devon and of Dorset, attract the eye of the ingenious traveller, and retard his pace, which delay he afterwards compensates by swiftly scouring over the gloomy heath of Bagshot, or that pleasant plain which extends itself westward from Stockbridge, where no other object than one single tree only in sixteen miles presents itself to the view, unless the clouds, in compassion to our tired spirits, kindly open their variegated mansions to our prospect.
From Devon and Wales--most of them," said Jip--"The wind is coming that way.
As far as this portion of the Devon coast was concerned, that seemed to have been over for many years, but neither were there any people.
For he brought workers and tenants from his old Devon home to take the place of the beggared or slain Irish.
The spirit of Raleigh and Hawkins is a memory with the Devon folk; it's a modern fact with the Pendragons.
People objected to Professor Dingo when we were staying in the north of Devon after our marriage," said Mrs.
North of Lancaster Sound there is little we know anything about, except North Devon and Ellesmere Land; but even there live a few scattered people, next door, as it were, to the very Pole.
The sale, effective May 2, 2016, marks the beginning of a new era for Devon Health Services.
Beginning senior year at Temple Sterling High, Devon has been content spending most of her time with Cas (Cassidy).
Devon County Council will be inviting suppliers to tender for Learning and Development services (contract reference CP1035-14) for Devon County Council (DCC) and other Local Authorities.
Devon, the Wild Adventures of Devon and Friends" by Elena N.
She said the lines move oil and gas to common sales points Devon is building in the area, where it has drilled 280 wells.