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S'il y a devoration, enlisement, voire destruction, c'est au niveau metaphorique du terme, et seulement dans ce sens-la, quand prevaut le recit faisant sur le recit fait, lequel est d'une inextricable totalite.
Andrade's use of the metaphor of devoration is, indeed, an interesting example of itself.
Andrade took this often repeated European metaphor of devoration and combined it with the European fascination with and revulsion of the idea of cannibalism in the New World.
is the thought of critical devoration of the universal cultural heritage, formulated not from the insipid, resigned perspective of the "noble savge" [sic] (idealized within the model of European virtues in the "nativist" line of Brazilian Romanticism) .
The process of transcreation involves the devoration of Faulkner.