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1. Dealings with or worship of the devil or demons.
2. Devilish conduct or character.

di·ab′o·list n.


1. (Other Non-Christian Religions)
a. activities designed to enlist the aid of devils, esp in witchcraft or sorcery
b. worship of devils or beliefs and teachings concerning them
c. the nature of devils
2. character or conduct that is devilish or fiendish; devilry
diˈabolist n


(daɪˈæb əˌlɪz əm)

1. action aided or caused by the devil; sorcery; witchcraft.
2. the character or condition of a devil.
3. belief in or worship of devils.
4. evil action; deviltry.
di•ab′o•list, n.


1. belief in or worship of the devil.
2. Theology. an action aided or prompted by the devil; sorcery; witchcraft. — diabolist, n.
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Noun1.diabolism - a belief in and reverence for devils (especially Satan)
black art, black magic, necromancy, sorcery - the belief in magical spells that harness occult forces or evil spirits to produce unnatural effects in the world
References in classic literature ?
I suggest a series of articles pointing out how dreary, how inhuman, how downright diabolist, is the very smell and atmosphere of some of these great houses.
Williams-Ellis's condemnation of speculators is made in language that reminds us of "The Villa Jones": "Pure and whole-hearted diabolists are as rare in aesthetics as in morals, but that there are those who will still defy their consciences for the sake of personal gain--in any place and at any time--is incontestable" (19).
Baudelaire first appears in Degeneration as a degenerate exhibiting the symptoms characteristic of the Parnassians and Diabolists (pp.