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1. (Chemistry) another word for diacidic
2. (Chemistry) (of a salt or acid) containing two acidic hydrogen atoms: NaH2PO4is a diacid salt of phosphoric acid.
(Elements & Compounds) an acid or salt that contains two acidic hydrogen atoms


(daɪˈæs ɪd)

1. capable of combining with two molecules of a monobasic acid.
2. (of an acid or a salt) having two replaceable hydrogen atoms.
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IDeg is an insulin analog in which threonine has been removed at position B30 and position B29 has been acetylated with a 16-carbon fatty diacid with a glutamic acid spacer.
reported that ring opening of the anhydride moiety of cantharidin formed diacid.
The first product produced at VerdePalm will be dodecanedioic acid, a 12-carbon diacid that is a component of many consumer products presently made from petroleum.
The amine and the diacid chloride are dissolved in water and an organic solvent, respectively.
Biochar samples were extracted by the diacid method (nitric acid-perchloric acid) (Amacher 1996) for analysing heavy metals.
The P and k in plant sample were analyzed after digestion with diacid (HN[O.
5 gram of grounded teosinte sample was digested using diacid mixture (HNO3: HClO4 in ratio 4: 1) as per method given by Page et al.
8) The most common polyol for alkyd resins is glycerol, and the most common diacid component is phthalic anhydride.
And Elevance Renewable Sciences recently announced that it has developed TPUs based on polyester polyol building blocks from a renewable, plant-based source--Elevance Inherent C18 Diacid.
Ground plant samples were digested in diacid (perchloric-nitric acid 2:1 ratio) mixture (Rhoades, 1982) to estimate Na and K by atomic absorption spectrophotometer (Perkin-Elmer, 4000).