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Noun1.diagonal matrix - a square matrix with all elements not on the main diagonal equal to zero
square matrix - a matrix with the same number of rows and columns
scalar matrix - a diagonal matrix in which all of the diagonal elements are equal
matrice diagonale
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On the other hand, by hypothesis (H2), one can get that there exist positive diagonal matrices [R.
For these choices of the G and D operators, the weights Q and P are diagonal matrices whose coefficients correspond to the rectangle and Newton-Cotes 3/8-quadrature rules, respectively.
We see that the endpoints of the crystal [LAMBDA](u, v) all correspond to the spectra of the sum of diagonal matrices or, equivalently by the overlay property, to honeycombs that are overlays of rank-one honeycombs.
We choose a suitable embedding of G into the unitary group U(N)([subset] M(N, c)) so that G has a maximal torus consisting of diagonal matrices (we give an example of such embedding below).
are diagonal matrices with positive diagonal entries; [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
2] are r x r and (n-r) x (n-r) diagonal matrices respectively.
sub1xk and (k + 1) X (k +1) diagonal matrices, respectively.
n] = 0, then [phi](a) and [phi](b) are both diagonal matrices.
e] matrices, these were selected to be diagonal matrices of different weights on each control input.
are respectively the matrices of the reflection coefficients at the top surface and the lower surface of the layer, and the diagonal matrices [P.
These part-machine incidence matrices were constructed by randomly rearranging the rows and columns of complete block diagonal matrices.