Diaphragm pump

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one in which a flexible diaphragm takes the place of a piston.

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A Hypro diaphragm pump is used for pumping the bentonite mixture into the bore hole.
For the circulation process, the system includes a 5-gallon premix/circulation tank and pumping assembly based on a 1 " air operated diaphragm pump with plastic housing and Teflon diaphragms and balls.
Ink is pumped into a 50 liter-capacity mobile tank or a fixed tank by a diaphragm pump that features an ink meter to measure volume.
The new, self-priming, diaphragm pump has been designed for precise dosing in the mi-crolitre range and combines high dosing accuracy and precision with chemical inertness.
THE successful use of a Hydra-Cell hydraulically flexed diaphragm pump supplied by Michael Smith Engineers to increase local humidity for the prevention of static electricity build-up in a wool spinning process.
An air filter/regulator is probably the most important investment that you can make to extend the life of an Air Operated Double Diaphragm pump and optimize performance," says Justin Dill, product manager.
This powerful pump is designed to deliver the highest flow rate of any electrically operated diaphragm pump.
They are available in two versions - the UG Special with 250 l/min piston diaphragm pump and the UG Super with 370 l/min twin-pump system - with both available in 2400 and 3200 litre variants.
The Prominent piston diaphragm pump is used for batching of sizing agents.
The unit contains a compact floating inlet device, suction strainer to remove solids, air-operated diaphragm pump, and an oil separation tank with permanent oil separator elements, mounted on a 14" X 14" footprint.
This is a non-metallic air-operated diaphragm pump which combines efficiency, style and reliability.
The Toppa Series pneumatically powered diaphragm pump is new from E.