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The ASHRAE Window Attachment (ASHWAT) model was also proposed, offering a simplified approach to the way in which an energy balance is applied at each layer to calculate U-factors and SHGC for a fenestration system that can include one or more diathermanous layers (Collins et al.
A similar procedure was used by Christie and Hunter (1984) to determine the longwave properties of thin diathermanous films using a DB-100 infrared reflectometer.
He subsequently summarized "If we now make a hole in one of the walls of a size d[sigma], so small that the intensity of the radiation directed towards the hole is not changed thereby, then radiation passes through the hole to the exterior where we shall suppose there is the same diathermanous medium as within.
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While many followed de la Provostaye's initial objection, refutations always seemed to be based on arguments such as perfectly reflecting mirrors do not exist, neither do perfectly diathermanous (or transparent) bodies, or bodies which can only absorb one wavelength.
The longwave radiant exchange algorithm is noteworthy because it allows for the possibility of diathermanous layers and because the mean radiant temperature can differ from the air temperature on the indoor and/or outdoor side.
Recent research showed, however, that these simple models were not accurate for slat-type blinds (Yahoda and Wright, 2004a), and for diathermanous - infrared transparent- layers (Collins and Wright, 2006).
It is important to note that a diathermanous layer allows for heat transfer directly between two layers that are not adjacent to each other.
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Heat loss coefficients and effective [alpha][tau] products for flat plate collectors with diathermanous covers.