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Noun1.Dicksoniaceae - tree ferns: genera Dicksonia, Cibotium, Culcita, and Thyrsopteris elegans
fern family - families of ferns and fern allies
Filicales, order Filicales, order Polypodiales, Polypodiales - true (leptosporangiate) ferns
Dicksonia, genus Dicksonia - tree ferns of temperate Australasia having bipinnatifid or tripinnatifid fronds and usually marginal sori; in some classification systems placed in family Cyatheaceae
Cibotium, genus Cibotium - in some classification systems placed in family Cyatheaceae: ornamental tree ferns with coarse gracefully drooping fronds
Culcita, genus Culcita - includes some plants usually placed in e.g. genus Dicksonia: terrestrial ferns resembling bracken; tropical America; Malaysia to Australia and Polynesia; southwestern Europe and Atlantic islands
genus Thyrsopteris - one species
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macrocarpa, the only endemic member of a family of ferns called Dicksoniaceae in Europe.
The Cyatheaceae and Dicksoniaceae (Pteridophyta) of Bolivia.
Although no fern macrofossils have been seen in the Newvale leafbeds, spores include Cyatheaceae, Davalliaceae, Dicksoniaceae, Gleicheniaceae, Osmundaceae, Hymenophyllaceae, Polypodiaceae and Psilotaceae.