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Noun1.Dicranopteris - terrestrial ferns of forest margin or open ground; pantropical
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
family Gleicheniaceae, Gleicheniaceae - a family of ferns belonging to order Filicales
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En Mexico esta representada por cuatro generos y siete especies: Dicranopteris flexuosa (Schrad.
KEYWORDS: Dicranopteris linearis, Desiccation, Antioxidant enzymes, Isozymes expression
Prior to sugarcane cultivation, the Seaqaqa area was dominated by talasiga grasslands (consisting of Sporobolus and Pennisetum grasses with Dicranopteris and Pteridium ferns) or poor secondary forest of Acacia, Syzygium and Fagraea spp.
Lai, "Polyphenols rich fraction of Dicranopteris linearis promotes fibroblast cell migration and proliferation in vitro" Journal of Ethnopharmacology, vol.
2006) showed that the application of crude ethanolic extract and the HF (hexane fraction) and EAF (ethyl acetate fraction) of leaves of Dicranopteris flexuosa (Schrad.
Addition lly, Robinia pseudoacacia, Rosa laevigata, Myrsine Africana, Festuca ovina, Pteris vittata, Dicranopteris dichotoma, and Duchesnea indica grow beneath trees or at the forest margins.
These plants were Lepidagathis incurva, Alocasia cucullata, Tectaria heterosora, Dicranopteris linearis, Leea umbraculifera, Anamirta cocculus, Cheilanthes belangeri, Hedyotis verticillata, Hymenodictyon orixense, Ixora athroantha, Psychotria calocarpa, and Allophylus cobbe.