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Noun1.Dicranopteris - terrestrial ferns of forest margin or open ground; pantropical
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
family Gleicheniaceae, Gleicheniaceae - a family of ferns belonging to order Filicales
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occidentale, Microlepia platyphylla, Pteridium aquilinum (Dennstaediaceae), Dicranopteris linearis (Gleicheniaceae), L.
2006) showed that the application of crude ethanolic extract and the HF (hexane fraction) and EAF (ethyl acetate fraction) of leaves of Dicranopteris flexuosa (Schrad.
It has dominant species of Pinus massoniana, Rhodomyrtus tomentosa (myrtle, angiosperm), and Dicranopteris linearis var.
Allelopathic effects of Dicranopteris linearis debris on common weeds of Malaysia.
Our survey included four habitat types located in and around the reserve: the unlogged forests, selectively logged forests (lumbered for commercial timber production during 1971-1977 (Ishwaran and Erdelen, 1990), clear-cut areas that are covered by invasive fern Dicranopteris linearis and other herbaceous species, and pine plantations.
Heteroblastic leaf morphology in juvenile plants of Dicranopteris linearis (Gleicheniaceae).
Dominant grasses are Dicranopteris linearis, Saccharum spontaneum, Imperata cylindrica, and Cyperus compressus.
Dicranopteris linearis * Dioscorea transversa * * Dipodium spp.