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Noun1.Dictamnus - a dicotyledonous genus of the family RutaceaeDictamnus - a dicotyledonous genus of the family Rutaceae
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
family Rutaceae, rue family, Rutaceae - a family of dicotyledonous plants of order Geraniales; have flowers that are divide into four or five parts and usually have a strong scent
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White plants such as the poppy papaver somniferum, lily lilium regale, and dictamnus albus are perfect for this as they bounce back available moonlight and will lift a garden.
Kim, "Neuroprotective effects of constituents of the root bark of Dictamnus dasycarpus in mouse hippocampal cells," Archives of Pharmacal Research, vol.
The composition of phenols from the plants namely Solanum lycopersicon Solanum nigrum Teucrium polium Origanum dictamnus Lavandula vera and Lippia triphylla was
Europe%s natural populations of the rare plant Dictamnus albus are declining due to a scarcity of pollination services.
The following herbs were used in three studies: Sophora flavescens root, Cnidium monnieri seed, Dictamnus dasycarpus bark and borneol.
2008); Calodendrum and Dictamnus have sigmoidally curved pollination organs (Engler, 1931), and Cneoridium and Empleuridium are monosymmetric by reduction (Engler, 1931).
Effects of population size on genetic diversity and seed production in the rare Dictamnus albus (Rutaceae) in central Germany.
Dictamnus (Gas Plant), Globe Thistle and Baptisia will grow and flower year after year.