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Noun1.Didion - United States writer (born in 1934)
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Tracy Daugherty is the acclaimed author of novels, short story collections, personal essays, and biographies of Donald Barthelme, Joseph Heller, and now Joan Didion.
Also, "the bookshelves still hold treasures signed and sorted by authors such as Faulkner, Mailer, Capote and Didion," the listing reads.
Provocative, idiosyncratic and incendiary, the film weaves rarely seen archival material, contributor interviews and excerpts from writings by such icons as James Baldwin, Gore Vidal, and Joan Didion with original verite footage filmed in the Review's West Village office.
Didion filed last month with the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Board for a permit to brew beer.
After leaving the NFL, Didion spent 35 years with the Pacific County Sheriff's Office on the southwest coast of Washington, including three terms as sheriff from 1998 to 2010.
To gauge the metal content in its slag waste, the metalcaster sent a sample for testing to Didion International Inc.
WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama awarded the nation's highest honors in the arts and humanities Wednesday to two dozen people -- among them Joan Didion, Tony Kushner, George Lucas and Elaine May -- whose work, he said, represented "a lasting contribution to American life.
The theme of making order out of chaos is read in novels by John Updike, Joan Didion, and Norman Mailer.
During this time as president, he was a key player in achieving the company s overall vision, which was to create the preeminent global, vertically integrated market leader in commercial real estate as set forth by former CEO Jim Didion.
In her evocative 1987 book, "Miami," Joan Didion strived to understand the peculiar relationship between the United States and Cuba.
Lewis, John Bayley, Donald Hall, Joan Didion, and Calvin Trillin is a pick for health and literary holdings alike, focusing on the effects of the death of a spouse.
Furthermore, I will contend that the passages in the memoirs by Didion and Bauby are examples of deficient rather than unreliable narration, and that both the concept of the implied author and the nonfictional status of the narratives help us recognize them as such.