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n.1.The quality of being diffusible; capability of being poured or spread out.
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In contrast, chi exhibits the characteristics of generality, commonality, diffusibility, inclusiveness, and permeability of matter.
Due to its relative stability and diffusibility through membranes, hydrogen peroxide is more likely a long-distance signaling molecule [24]
The reason is that molecular chain possesses good fluidity and diffusibility at lower cooling rate, and hence the samples can have higher crystallinity under higher temperature.
When using radionuclides, tracer biokinetics such as isotope affinity to fat tissue and diffusibility are known to bias blood flow values of the terminal capillary system (Swain and Grant, 1989).
The vapor action and diffusibility of methylene-bis-thiocyanate (MBT) have been implicated in its efficacy (Singh et al.
This increased efficacy has been attributed to the greater degree of lipid solubility of articaine, which increases its diffusibility through soft tissues, and its increased concentration [Srinivasan et al.
Poorer soil diffusibility caused by higher soil moisture and bulk density was identified as the main factor which led to high C[O.
4A and B), but the effect of PENS was significant and dose-dependent, achieving a 30% reduction, which indicated that the removed material might have deleterious effects on either the diffusibility or the intrinsic antioxidant activity of phenolic compounds.
DIFFUSION-weighted MR imaging (DWI) is a technique included within the routine MR protocol which depends on the normal diffusibility of water molecules in a tissue.
When FDG is taken up by the cells of a tumor, it becomes phosphorylated by the enzyme hexokinase, which slows the degradation of FDG by the glycolytic cycle and reduces FDG's diffusibility out of the cell.
Lymphomas and high-grade astrocytomas: Comparison of water diffusibility and histologic characteristics.