n.1.See Digester.
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In aema, We have been able to downscale a disruptive small scale anaerobic digestor for wastewater treatment, Addressed to f&d industry: Multi-ad.
Ambos componentes se colocaron en un digestor enchaquetado y aforo a 10 L.
By increasing the solids concentration in the feed material and adjusting the oxygen delivered to the digestor, the digestor can produce its own heat, thus killing pathogens, while operating with a lower hydraulic retention time (HRT) and in a smaller footprint.
The moisture was determined by drying each sample in an oven at 105[degrees]C until reaching constant weight; the crude ash was determined by incineration in a muffle furnace at 550[degrees]C for 24 h; crude protein content was determined by the Kjeldahl method with a fully automated Kjeldahl nitrogen/protein analyzer (FOSS-2003, Sweden) after acid digestion in a Tecator digestor 2020; and crude lipid was extracted with petroleum ether, as described by Liu et al.
The first report of isolation of a cellulase gene from metagenomic library was from microbial consortia in a thermophillic, anaerobic digestor maintained on lignocellulose (Healy et al.
A pre-hidrolise em agua foi realizada em digestor Regmed (autoclave tipo AU/ EV) rotativo laboratorial, aquecido eletricamente e dotado de 4 reatores individuais com capacidade de 1,5 litros cada, sendo como condicoes adotadas os seguintes valores: tempo ate a temperatura maxima de 90 minutos, tempo a temperatura maxima de 30 minutos, relacao agua:madeira de 3,5:1 e temperatura maxima de 170[degrees]C.
Las proteinas se determinaron por el metodo de Kjeldahl, utilizando el equipo digestor Buchi B-426 y la unidad de destilacion B-316.
Esta digestion se llevo a cabo en un horno digestor por microondas, usando el metodo de trampa de temperatura, donde la maxima temperatura alcanzada fue de 180[grados]C y un tiempo de 35 minutos.
Os tubos foram levados ao bloco digestor, aumentando a temperatura gradativamente ate atingir 160[degrees]C, os quais permaneceram por 40 minutos nessa temperatura.
Isolation of cellulolytic mesophilic clostridia from a municipal solid waste digestor.
When combined with any type of organic waste in the digestor which provides an optimum working environment, the enzymes accelerate the decomposition and fermentation process.