n.1.See Digester.
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When combined with any type of organic waste in the digestor which provides an optimum working environment, the enzymes accelerate the decomposition and fermentation process.
Geraint is currently working on the installation of an anaerobic digestor to produce electricity from their own and introduced muck, with the digestate used for purpose-grown crops.
We are in the process of demonstrating how island nations can "grow their electricity" using Giant King Grass in our 7MW anaerobic digestor power plant project with Tibbar Energy on the island of St.
4] added to 3g of sample was digested with Kjeldahl digestor (Model Bauchi 430) for 1 1/2 hr.
4] concentrado, em bloco digestor a 150[degrees]C (30 min.
2% selenous acid, and 3 mL of 30% hydrogen peroxide and heated samples 1 h at 400[degrees]C with a block digestor (model 2040, Tecator, Herndon, VA).
based Crave Brothers not only has new marinated fresh pearl mozzarella balls, but also runs an eco-friendly Manure Digestor, which uses animal waste to not only power the farm but 180 nearby homes.
The ultimate aim is for all of Sainsbury's food waste to be sent for anaerobic digestion, the most environmentally responsible way to recycle it, and the company is in talks with partners about developing new anaerobic digestor plants, at pounds 8m each to build.
It has just completed a feasibility study for an anaerobic digestor that could one day power steam generation at the dairy.