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dig′ital photog′raphy

the manipulation of photographs by computer.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: photography - a photographic method that stores the image digitally for later reproductiondigital photography - a photographic method that stores the image digitally for later reproduction
photography - the process of producing images of objects on photosensitive surfaces
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The WTA is expecting a fantastic array of digital photograph featuring anything from a great day out to climbing, coasteering or kayaking, food, music or history.
26) The legislator apparently "became upset when high school students manipulated a digital photograph by putting heads on bodies of the opposite sex.
They make a detailed log entry for each sample, including a digital photograph of the plant, its precise GPS-rendered location and their observations about the plant's condition and the surrounding terrain.
DNAPrint has already filed patent applications on the use of digital photograph databases and databases of biographical data with BioGeographical Ancestry admixture data.
From September 30, EU travellers will have their two index fingers scanned and a digital photograph taken to verify their identity at major ports of entry to the United States, as they are integrated into the US-VISIT programme.
3) Adobe Photoshop and other software applications make it much easier to alter a digital photograph.
A more advanced application would be the use of facial recognition systems with the digital photograph.
In a bluntly manipulated digital photograph (which ends up working as an encapsulation of Grinnan's concerns), rolls of blue carpeting and brown carpet padding become the canopy of a tree, which, along with the landscape it inhabits, have been made out of half an image mirrored and then doubled-- think Photoshopped Gordon Matta-Clark meets Dan Graham arborescence.
Its flagship product is iPhotoMeasure[TM], the revolutionary patent-pending software program that acts as an electronic tape measure, allowing users to obtain measurements of any item in a digital photograph with 99.
But if the digital photograph in "Accident-Prone" can do nothing but display its oxymoronic nature, the result of this clash of opposed forces for Davenport is not depressing but infinitely comical, like a string of self-deprecating jokes.
101 Quick And Easy Secrets For Using Your Digital Photographs
There were digital photographs, creative writing, batik, silk painting, pottery and canvas prints.