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Noun1.digram - two successive letters (especially two letters used to represent a single sound: `sh' in `shoe')
alphabetic character, letter of the alphabet, letter - the conventional characters of the alphabet used to represent speech; "his grandmother taught him his letters"
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12), Durov digram (Llyod and Heathcoat, 1985): Figure (13) shows the sample numbers 1 and 2 have Cl and Na dominant frequently indicate the end point of water, Langelier -Ludwing diagram (Fytikas et al, 1989): shows that the samples are Na-SO4 water types(Fig.
Currently the entropy analysis module calculates letter frequency, digram frequency, trigram frequency, or the word, di-word, three-word, and four-word frequency according to the selection made by the user through the graphical user interface.
Because of the rise in average hours worked, higher demand has not yet generated an appreciable increase in employment (see Digram 122).
The order of presentation was randomized by means of a Digram Latin square.
Hashing, truncation, digram and trigram encoding of index terms.
Singh, Rama Raju to Laxmi Hs, Vectory Hs to Shri Gururam Public School, Shree Shyam Properties to Rajesh Hs, Ajit to Topo Hs, Tejram to Parmilla Hs, Rajesh to Barberis, Partik to Lakra House, Balwan Singh to Hareram Hs, Laxmi to Sahil House, Digram Wali Gali, P.