Brahmaputra River

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Noun1.Brahmaputra River - an Asian river; flows into the Bay of Bengal
Cathay, China, Communist China, mainland China, People's Republic of China, PRC, Red China - a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia; the most populous country in the world
Bangla Desh, Bangladesh, East Pakistan, People's Republic of Bangladesh - a Muslim republic in southern Asia bordered by India to the north and west and east and the Bay of Bengal to the south; formerly part of India and then part of Pakistan; it achieved independence in 1971
Bharat, India, Republic of India - a republic in the Asian subcontinent in southern Asia; second most populous country in the world; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1947
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Gadala gyud ko kay di man ni para sa kontra, naa man daghan man ko dihang security, kanang mag personalay ta'g atubang ba (I'm bringing a gun, not for my enemy because that has already been taken cared of by my security, but in case we face each other).
Tenders are invited for Annual Repair Of Sl Dihang For The Year 2016-17
From there it flows into the plains of Assam where it is known as the Dihang River.
Brun, A, Dihang, H, Brunei, L, "Membrane Formation of Coatings Studied by Diffusing-Wave Spectroscopy.
It originates in the Jima Yangzong glacier near Mount Kailash in Tibet where it is called the Tsangpo Yarlung, enters into Arunachal Pradesh, where it is called the Dihang, then flows to Assam, a very small part of west Bengal and finally enters Bangladesh, where it is called the Jamuna.
The rainforest reaches beyond the tropics in a few places: southern Brazil (reaching beyond 29[degrees]S on the Atlantic-facing slopes of the Serra do Mar, at the limit between the states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul); the southeastern tip of Madagascar, in the region of Tolanyaro (beyond 25[degrees]S), and in northeastern India and northern Myanmar (Burma) on the border between Bangladesh, Bhutan, and China (an area that also reaches 29[degrees]N in the valleys of the Dibang and the Dihang, in the Arunachal Pradesh region of northeastern India).