Dimensional lumber

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(Carp.) lumber for building, etc., cut to the sizes usually in demand, or to special sizes as ordered.
lumber, usually of pine, which is sold as beams or planks having a specified nominal cross-section, usually in inches, such a two-by-four, two-by-six, four-by-four, etc.

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DLT is made by mechanically fixing laminations of dimensional lumber to each other by a series of hardwood dowels creating a high-quality all-wood product made without nails or glue.
Band the plywood with solid dimensional lumber to better hold the hinge screws.
The volume of fibre to feed the operation and the production output of dimensional lumber are being kept confidential for now.
With a lot of help and moral support from a friend, we converted those pieces of dimensional lumber into 3-by-5-foot boxes, stapled hardware cloth to the bottoms, and rigged uprights that would allow making them deeper and for the fastening of cover frames to extend the growing season.
Current repair methods include plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) gussets and dimensional lumber scabs attached with nails, proprietary high-strength screws, through-bolts, or lag screws.
Conifers are used for log cabin stock, utility poles, dimensional lumber, hop poles, fence posts, and pulpwood for paper products.
Or, the owner can have an asbestos survey done, have all asbestos removed by a licensed removal company, remove all materials that LRAPA forbids being burned, and then get a permit to burn the remaining materials, such as dimensional lumber, he said.
Builders FirstSource also distributes windows, interior and exterior doors, dimensional lumber and lumber sheet goods, millwork and other building products.
The pergola is made from standard dimensional lumber, so you just cut the parts and screw them together--no special skills required.
Currently, the use of dimensional lumber to build hutments incurs a huge cost in materials, transportation, and manpower.
Bamboo Dimensional Lumber: A new line of bamboo dimensional lumber was introduced and is available in amber and natural, edge and flat grain.
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