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(Mus.) a chord which can be resolved into several distinct keys; one whose intervals, being all minor thirds, do not clearly indicate its fundamental tone or root; the chord of the diminished triad, and the diminished seventh.

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KarrArikh Tor comments, "It is an instrumental track which began with a perfect fifth resonation, and grew into the first song where I actually play a diminished chord in.
Their interjections in support of the soloists' commentaries, as in the soprano/alto duet in Part I "Free him, hold off, bind him not," came to our ears as if from above, and their bone chilling, D-sharp diminished chord to Pilate's question of who to release, "Barabbas
Some of the topics included are: major chords, minor chords, diminished chords, augmented chords, 7th chords, 9th chords, 11th chords, 13th chords, suspensions, the Circle of Keys, the 12-bar blues and 39 others.
Though largely upbeat, there are hints in the title track of the old melancholia that haunted his early songwriting, sad, diminished chords thrown in for good measure.
The book begins with chapters containing simple musical concepts such as note reading and rhythm before moving quickly (but not too quickly) into chord building, proceeding from simple triads to augmented, suspended, diminished chords as well as a whole chapter on sevenths.
The lovely centrepiece is a three-part suite called The Diminished Triangle (It features heavy use of diminished chords and eight-part harmonies).
Within seconds we are handed minor key melodic banjo, and swaggeringly self-confident diminished chords.
Its harmonic sequence is built on the ascending diminished chords often found on '60s-era pop hits, and its vast spaces are filled by a laconic bass line and stray guitar melodies.
The chord usage includes the total range of sixth, seventh, suspension chords, eleventh and thirteenth chords, in addition to major, minor, augmented and diminished chords.
It has diminished chords which I also stole for the chorus of The Day We Caught The Train.
Indeed, the use of these musical effects was heightened in the melodram and, in a sense, codified, including the tremolo, which depicts apprehension, fear and excitement; diminished chords and whole tone scales representing the building of intensity and excitement; sforzando chords representing surprise, sudden dramatic changes or even lightening; and scales and fast passagework depicting wind or flight.
The collection opens with "Escape into the Night," a prelude consisting of hand-over-hand arpeggios that sweep up and down the keyboard in D minor, interlaced with colorings of diminished chords and the augmented second of the minor scale.