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adv.1.In a manner to diminish.
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For longer words equalities will be diminishingly fewer.
Over the longer term, a diminishingly competitive league will only drive fans and television viewers, dismayed at its repetitiveness, towards other sports or leagues.
The relationship between per capita income and ODA is linearly positive but quadratically negative in most cases, meaning that South Korea's ODA allocation is diminishingly increasing (increasing at a decreasing rate) to recipients' income.
By the end of the first millennium there was little room for the res publica expressed and honoured in words, if not consistently in deeds, under the Roman Empire and, diminishingly, within its successor states in the Frankish West.
One has the impression that willingness to embrace an ambiguous, open-ended mission would be diminishingly small.
While IEDs are a threat to soldiers in Baghdad, the risk to dockworkers in Boston is diminishingly small.